10 Awesome Facts About Rabbits You Probably Didn’t Know!

10 Awesome Facts About Rabbits You Probably Didn’t Know!

1. They’re Secret Agents!

It is not commonly known, but Rabbits actually communicate using a secret code between them. Well, ok, it’s not actually ‘secret’ per se but they communicate with such little body movement and gestures that one could be forgiven for thinking they are discussing something of the sort!

In fact, bunnies tend to be very subtle when the communicate and it’s not always obvious. For example, they tend to clench their face muscles and change body position when they’re worried or stressed. One of the main reasons why they are often misunderstood if you don’t keep an eye out for these subtle signs.

2. Flexible Ears

Rabbits are truly masters of hearing and being able to detect sounds from all around them. They achieve this by being able to rotate their ears 180 degrees around. This means they can point them directly behind them!

3. Kittens?

It seems the naming of babies in the pet world is as confusing with rabbits as it is with Guinea Pigs. Whilst baby Guinea Pigs are called ‘pups’, baby rabbits are actually called ‘kittens’!

4. Signs of Pure Joy & Happiness

Something that makes rabbits totally adorable is how they display it when they are really happy. Rabbits will do what’s called the ‘binky’ where they hop into the air, twist their bodies and kick their feet. All signs they are really happy. Aww.

5. Space vs Bone Density

It is reported that young rabbits that are not given enough space to run about in when they are young are more likely to grow up with weaker bones than those that have the space to exercise in. This can lead to greater risk of broken bones.

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6. Tummy Tickle Time Not Recommended!

One thing that is popular to do with rabbits is that of ‘trancing’ them. This is where you lay them on their back and gently rub their back legs & tummies, sending them into what appears to be a happy, blissful and relaxed state.

However, it’s the opposite. When a rabbit does this – they are going into what’s called ‘tonic immobility’ which is where they are in fear of their lives and is an attempt to convince a predator that they are dead in the hope they will leave them alone. When in this state, it is more like a traumatic event as opposed to a relaxing trance for a rabbit.

7. What’s that Bugs – A Carrot!?

Arguably the most popular rabbit of all time has to be Bugs Bunny and nothing is more iconic (apart from this catch phrase) is that of him chewing happily on a nice crunchy carrot.

This has led people all over the world to believe that Carrots are the staple diet for rabbits – however Carrots and other root vegetables are not as they are very high in sugar and thus should only be given to rabbits in occasional, small amounts!

8. Vision On

A fun but interesting fact with Rabbits is that when they are born, their eyes are shut but quickly develop a full 360 degree vision around them. How cool is that!

9. Prey Instincts

Whilst Rabbits have become a staple pet of choice for many people across the globe, their domestication only goes so far and they still share more traits with their wild relatives than you think.

One of those is that of being ‘prey’ as they are out in the wild. So the next time you pick up a rabbit and they struggle or even nip you – they’re probably just scared and it’s their natural survival instincts kicking in.

10. Be Sociable

As with Guinea Pigs, Rabbits are also highly sociable creatures and thrive much better when in the company of other rabbits than they do on their own. Companionship keeps away depression, loneliness just as it does with us!

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