About Us

Who we are

About Us at Rabbit Hutch World, Our site is owned and managed by Pet Store 365, a well established online pet store in the UK. We have served the needs of every pet owner for years now. At Pet Store 365 and its branches, you can expect to get only goods that are of the highest quality. We use the best services to get our suppliers goods delivered to our customers doors. We aren’t some offshore establishment, presenting products from other suppliers. Our office is located in Cheshire, England.

Why and how Rabbit Hutch World happened?

Not every pet owner is lucky enough to have a reliable local pet store which specializes in rabbit hutches, or in fact, any product for their pet, many of our customers may live in remote areas making it difficult to get rabbit / Guinea pig Hutches, Runs and accessories locally. People living in urban region or even the suburbs can relate to this difficulty. We have noticed huge numbers of unsatisfied pet owners, who have rabbits for pets. A proper rabbit hutch is what your bunny longs for. We assist our customers with choosing the right home as we believe that choosing the correct size hutch is vital. Even if the enclosure misses the required dimensions by a whisker, your rabbit would suffer big time. Added to the hutches you need reliable supply of rabbit associated feeds and runs for a long time. From hays to herbs to exercise runs to grooming products, you would need it all. This is exactly why we have decided to create this all in one store for rabbit owners. At Rabbit Hutch World we strive to bring high quality and huge variety in rabbit pet products. Being an online store, the shopping gets easy as 1-2-3. You can choose the right products with a few simple clicks of a mouse. You can pay in a number of ways, not limited to PayPal and debit cards alone. We try to educate rabbit owners as much as possible through information pages. Products can be shipped in quick time all though the United Kingdom. We update our customers on our inventory at present as well as future too. Such ethos would help rabbit owners keep track on getting the supplies in a timely manner. Not many pet stores happen to subscribe to such ethos daringly. We have affiliated with numerous reliable manufacturers and supplies to be able to do this. When we feel falling short on a product, we quickly find a new supplier to fill the gaps. This has been our journey and this is how Rabbit Hutch World managed to excel.

We don’t stop with just hutches…

Though our website name says Rabbit Hutch World, our store isn’t only about hutches. We have the entire catalog any rabbit owner would require, we don’t stop with exercise runs or rabbit food alone. We extend our catalog to even accommodate rabbit grooming products. A section dedicated to treatment for rabbits and guinea pigs can be seen on our homepage.

From squeak to cackle…

A little diversity doesn’t hurt. Since the hutches and chicken Coops have a lot in common, we also have chicken runs in our lengthy product list. Additionally you get to shop for hen houses and hen houses with runs in our website.

Our Address

Postal | Correspondence Address (mail and letter items only) Pet Store 365 (17489) PO Box 4336 , Manchester, M61 0BW