All the things I didn’t know

I didn’t know a lot about rabbits when I was first asked to help out a friend by taking in her little boy bunny. I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that it couldn’t be that hard, they were providing me with a hutch and food and it could be fun I suppose. So Lenny comes to live with us outside in his little hutch and all is well, and he’s kind of cute I guess. I did not expect to fall in love or find out after joining Facebook sites that I was doing it all wrong ! The guilt, as soon as I started reading I thought oh no he’s lonely and living in a tiny hutch ( don’t rabbits live in hutches ?). Well that was it, in he came and took over my living room, free roam instead. Oh no what next ? Now he needs neutering, best get that done then. The night before he went in we had a special moment where I lay on the floor so he could come and sniff me and play and just as I looked up to see where he’d gone he peed in my face , right in my eyes 😂. All my research has shown me that these beautiful animals are highly intelligent so I’m convinced it was on purpose ! Rabbits are not easy pets, they are complicated but they are definitely worth the dedication. I didn’t know he would take over my house, my time, my head space, or my heart….. but he did ❤️

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