Appropriate Company for Rabbits

Appropriate company for rabbits – For those of you who have a rabbit you probably ask yourself do rabbits need company, the answer is yes. As an owner you have to make your rabbit happy and feel comfortable,In the wild rabbits live in big societies so finding appropriate company for rabbits is vital. Rabbits will connect with each other pretty instantly and start to interact together quickly. Rabbits also love the company of a human but when they are enjoying their life living with a couple of other pets, you will find that another rabbit will be the better option, as rabbits can understand each other’s language including body language, they will also play together, eat together, relax and take care of each other.

Pairing rabbits

The best option is to pair a spayed female with a neutered male. There could be lots of possibilities if you want to pair Males and Females together particularly if they have grown up together from the day they were born. For those of you who have 2 boys or 2 girls, you can make them a feel more relaxed and a healthier pair, by having them both neutered, this is also similar for mixed pairs.

It may be more expensive to have both rabbits neutered but it’s highly recommended, as having both done will make them become calm and less frustrated.

Rabbits in the wildlife live in groups so they trust each other, but if you have a couple of rabbits that come from other groups i.e from your neighbouring fields, they may fight with other rabbits that they do not know. This is similar with domestic rabbits as they cannot learn to trust each other. For those of you who have a couple of bunnies that you have been brought up together from birth and now they are a couple of months old and fight each other, it is probably because they have reached sexual maturity. They must now be neutered because the hormones in their bodies have gained.

For those of you who can only get one rabbit, you should consider “should you get a rabbit at all”. You have to remind yourselves that rabbits will be happier if they live in group or pairs, while those who need appropriate company for rabbits can become bored, depressed and lonely. For those of you who have a couple of rabbits, you have to spend your budget on vet bills like checkups and vaccinations and also you have to consider about the food bill. Besides hutches and runs, they will share all the things so you only have to prepare 1 food bowl, 1 toilet, 1 water dish and much more. If you have one rabbit and you still think that rabbits need company, it is the perfect time for you to go to your local rescue. They will help you with a great advice.