CottonTails – Rescue

cottontails rescueLocation – Sherbourne House, 47 Station Road, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3JW.  (Appointments only)

CottonTails® Rescue (registered charity 1078850) was set up in 1993 by trustee and manager Mairwen Guard MBE, its aim to care for and rehome rabbits and guinea pigs. We have successfully rehomed over 10,000 animals during this time, and have been involved in several projects to enhance the lives of these small pets through education and support. CottonTails® neuters and vaccinates all rabbits prior to adoption, and all single male guinea pigs that are of suitable age are neutered to enable them to be matched with females. We also provide advice, grooming and nail clipping, and offer support and guidance even after an animal has gone to its new home. CottonTails® hopes to be able to offer these services for many years to come, and has recently started a new Outreach Service, a free social media service allowing the safe advertising of an animal in need of a new home via our Facebook page and website, with any home offered being screened before being passed to the owner to take further. This has enabled us to continue our work even during the Covid era so the owners of animals in need still have a lifeline and a way forward. Visit the CottonTails website TODAY – ((CLICK HERE))

Rabbit Hutch World always recommends visiting Rabbit And Guinea Pig rescue centres before purchasing from a breeder or local pet store.