Five Things Every New Bunny Owner Should Consider Getting

Five Things Every New Bunny Owner Should Consider Getting 

Rabbits are a favoured choice of pet for many people both worldwide and countrywide, with an estimated 900,000 rabbits kept as pets in the UK alone. That is a lot of bunnies hopping around gardens, hutches, and runs!  

Possessing a gentle nature and a level of intelligence not seen in some other domesticated pets, it could be somewhat apparent why people of all ages get a rabbit as a pet.  

While we could recognise that getting a rabbit as a pet is just as exciting as getting any other animal, much like that of getting any other pet, there are some things that should be taken into consideration during the overall process. 

If you are a new bunny owner in the process of bringing your new bundle of fluff into your home, then you have landed in the ideal place. We have created a helpful list below of the things that every new bunny owner should consider getting. Leap forward for more!  

  1. Rabbit Hutch and Run: It goes without saying, but you should consider where you are going to keep your rabbit once you have brought them home and where you would be placing their hutch once you have acquired it. Professionals have stated that rabbits and bunnies should be receiving around three hours of exercise per day, whether in their run or while being supervised in a more open area. As this may well be the case for the rabbit that you are about to bring into your home as well, you should make a conscious effort to ensure that your new family member has an adequate to get this level of exercise; implementing an appropriately sized run alongside the rabbit hutch is one way that you could do that. With experts also estimating that 8 square feet is an ideal size for a rabbit run, by implementing something this size into your care plan, you would be able to rest assured that your new four-legged friend should be able to access the correct levels of exercise that they need to stay happy and healthy.  
  1. Appropriate Food to Cater for Dietary Requirements: Another essential thing to note when getting a bunny, and which should be considered sooner rather than later. Ensuring that you have the appropriate food available for your bunny is somewhat crucial and would enable you to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they require to stay fit and healthy. Researching what food you would need to get for your bunny before picking up your new pet, would give you the knowledge and understanding expected when looking after a new pet and bringing them into your home. While hay can often be used as bedding for rabbits, various types are available to select from, which could also be used as a food source but which could also be used to keep your bunny’s teeth filed down. Furthermore, it has been advised by professionals that you avoid providing your rabbit with a muesli-type food option; they are likely to pick out the foods that they enjoy only, rather than the ones that are packed full of the nutrients that they require. Providing your new pet with a balanced diet will ensure their continued health as best as possible. However, some other things should also be considered when preparing your home for your new life as the pet parent of a bunny. This leads us to our next point.  
  1. Pet Insurance: Naturally, when bringing any pet in your home, you would like nothing more than to ensure that they are as okay as they possibly could be at all times. However, during your bunny’s lifetime, there could come a time where they require some attention from a professional. If it is discovered that your beloved rabbit would need long-term treatment for a condition, you would want to be as prepared as you could be, both emotionally and financially. Rabbit insurance is one way that you could protect your finances when faced with a situation like this, and which could also be helpful throughout the lifetime of your bunny. Everypaw rabbit insurance policies can help to bring some peace of mind to you when looking after your bunny. Not to mention, rabbit insurance could contribute towards any vet bills that you might accrue over time. Pretty helpful, mainly if your rabbit has a long-term condition that would require regular check-ups and medication.  
  1. Objects to Play or Engage With: As rabbits are considered one of the more intelligent animals that you could get as a domesticated pet, there are some potential obstacles that could come with this. One of those could be that your pet becomes bored somewhat quickly, and this is something that you would need to keep an eye on, to combat it as and when you notice. There are various ways that you could spot if your rabbit is bored, including such things as constantly chewing or biting objects, like that of the wiring of their run or the door to their hutch. Naturally, as a devoted pet parent, the last thing you would like is for your pet to experience levels of boredom. By having a range of toys and other objects on hand, you could drastically reduce the boredom that your rabbit might be experiencing. While you could purchase various toys that are available, experts suggest simply giving your bunny something that is made from natural materials, including the likes of cardboard boxes and other associated items. Not only would this provide your rabbit with something to safely chew if they were to get bored, but it would also give them something to do while keeping their teeth filed to an appropriate and manageable length; you would be killing two birds with one stone.  
  1. Another Companion: Now, this is not to say that you should get two rabbits at the same time, more so, if you are a new bunny owner; you would want to get to grips with life as the owner of one bunny before branching out and getting another. However, with this in mind, it should be noted that bunnies enjoy the company of another companion, especially during the winter months. Rabbits do not hibernate and are social creatures; if you are unable to visit your rabbit in their hutch as much as you would like to, providing them with some sort of companion will not only give them someone to snuggle up to when it gets somewhat chilly but would also contribute towards the boredom that they might be feeling.  

While these are but some of the things that a new bunny owner should consider, we hope that they have shed some light on what you should expect when embarking on this new chapter of your life. Whether you are getting a bunny, big or small, we are sure that they would be contributing positively to your life in many ways. One thing is for certain; this new chapter of your life should be one that you never forget!