Hutch and Run Pipe Connectors and Burrow Pipes

It is perfect for those of you who have rabbits to create an easy access to both their run and hutch in order to make them easier to have exercise and behaviour requirements. This access is also important if your rabbit feels insecure so they can go back to hutch easier. That is why you need hutch and run pipe connectors and rabbit burrow pipes. Pipe connectors and rabbit burrow pipes will provide your rabbit to connect between run and hutch. All you have to do is choosing the size of the pipe connectors. The connector is secured with animal preservative and weather proofed for the first twelve years. It is well-recommended to apply additional weatherproofing after first twelve months in order to keep the product in perfect condition. Below are a couple of hutch and run pipe connectors and burrow pipes that will your inspiration.

Examples of Hutch and Run Pipe Connectors and Burrow Pipes

8-Feet Rabbit Burrow Pipe

8-feet rabbit burrow pipes which have 5.5 inches of length. This burrow pipe will connect simply to each end by using a pipe clamp or door clamp. This is suitable for all of the rabbits except those that have large bodies. If you have a rabbit with 4 kg of weight, this pipe fits yours. The internal diameter of this pipe is 140 mm. There are a couple of sizes that are offered from 1-feet up to 12-feet. This pipe is very easy to connect to cladding kit. This 8-feet rabbit burrow pipe also fits guinea pigs and all of the medium and small breeds of rabbit.

Coupler for Rabbit Burrow Pipe

For those of you who want to join two pipes together, this Coupler is what you need,  rabbit burrow pipes is the perfect choice for you. It is simply connecting them together by pushes over the end of two open pipes.

Pipe Mesh to Mesh Connector Kit

It is well recommended for you to apply this pipe mesh to mesh connector kit that can connect to the hutch or run of your rabbits home / exercise area. Your rabbit will be allowed to have a smooth access to both their run and hutch offering behaviour and exercise requirements. Your rabbits are also allowed to access the hutch if they feel insecure or having a bad weather. Your existing hutch, run, and shed together can be connected by using sturdy and solid pipe connector kits.

pipe connectors and rabbit burrow pipes offer you a couple of connectors that let you to connect a run and hutch, between two hutches or between two runs. By following instructions, simply install the cladding by cutting out a square and bolt the pipe connector or you can create an aperture in the mesh to your hutch or run door by using the washers and bolts which have been supplied. After that, you have to choose the size of the pipe that needs in order to complete your set up. The pipe will match the hole and the connector will lock on to it around the pipe to make sure that is safe. It is simple to disconnect and reattaching the pipe.

Hutch and Run Pipe Connectors and Burrow Pipes