Indoor Rabbit Cages and Hutches for Sale UK

When looking for indoor rabbit cages and hutches for sale uk The proper house is very crucial for those of you who have pets especially small pets such as Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Mice, Hamsters, and Chinchillas. You have to keep in mind that your pets will spend a lot of time inside indoor cages and hutches. So, it is important for you to choose indoor rabbit hutches for sale that will accommodate your pets best. It is important to choose a indoor Rabbit hutch or cage with more room so they can exercise and remain comfortable, and have a normal ability. Rabbit run is also crucial for your pet because it will help your rabbits to stay healthy and also will help your rabbits from becoming very bored. For those of you who are looking for rabbit cages UK, this article is the right place for you.

Ferplast 80 Guinea Pig Cage

This Ferplast 80 Guinea pig cage is one of the indoor cage and hutches that you can use for your guinea pig or small breed type Rabbit that will be comfortable and friendly for your pets. 80 Green Sun will offer shelter for your small pets such as Guinea pig and also protect the environment because the accessories and the base inside are created from a new high-quality material which is called Plastic wood that is made from plastic and sawdust that have been recycled. These indoor rabbit hutches for sale are equipped with comfortable features and will make your pets enjoy their life inside the cage.

The features are

  • a plastic feeding bowl,
  • a drinking bottle
  • a feeder for hay
  • and a little house which is completed with ladders and shelf.

It also comes with a package which is very safe to pack in order to minimize space and size that need to transport it. These hutches come with a couple of available colours such as brown and ivory. If you want to have other colours for your hutches, you just have to state this in the notes when you order the item.

Lazy Bones Small Metal Animal Pen and Net

The Lazy Bones small metal animal pen and net are one of the rabbit cages UK that are perfect in order to give your small rabbits space in order to run and also it will protect them from the attack of other wild animals. The pen contains 6 panels which are completed with one panel that comes with a door which is very easy for your pets to
access it. The door also comes with holding stakes that can be used in order to secure the panels in the ground. A cover net is no exception in order to protect against birds and other wild animals.

Indoor Rabbit Cage and Stand

This is one of the indoor cage and hutches that will be a great addition to your rabbits. The cage comes with
  • Water bottle
  • Feeding bowl
  • Handy side bucket
  • viewing platform in order to make your rabbit comfortable.

The dimensions of this Indoor Cage and Stand are 89 cm of height, 59 cm of depth and 104 cm of width.

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indoor rabbit cages and hutches for sale uk