Rabbit And Guinea Pig Keeping Articles

keeping your rabbit cool in the summer

Is keeping your rabbit cool in the summer important ?  Of course yes.  Summer is rapidly approaching and with its arrival come special problems for rabbits: heat/humidity, fleas, and fly strike. In most countries, summer record highs, and in a few spots it is higher than 100 degrees. Unlike people and other animals, rabbits cannot pant or sweat to cool themselves off in hot weather. On the off chance that your rabbits are living outside, or inside without air-conditioning and cooling then they are at great risk. Read full article by Clicking HERE

 Looking After Your Rabbit Tips (Quick Guide)

There are a couple of methods that you have to do if you are looking after your rabbit. Breeding, Handing, Entertainment, and Exercise are the important things that you have to do to make your rabbits healthy and happy. Daily exercise will encourage your rabbits in order to practice its behaviour naturally. You can apply a pipe as a burrow inside the hutch. Or you can also fill the box with paper which has been shredded that will encourage your rabbit to dig. Read full article by Clicking HERE

Why buy a RWAF approved Hutch

There are many reasons for Why you should buy a RWAF approved Hutch – Rabbits are not intended to live in small spaces, For example In the countryside or forests they cover a range proportional to 30 football pitches,They’re not intended to live alone either – wild rabbits live in the form of large groups to keep themselves warm because they do not feel comfortable living alone,Rabbits living alone can experience large amounts of anxiety. Household rabbits are not generally different from their cousins as they also look forward to run and jump here and there freely,They also love to be in the company of other rabbits So they require a huge place where they can easily enjoy their lives by freely doing their natural activities. Read full article by Clicking HERE

 A Healthy Diet for Rabbits

A Healthy Diet for Rabbits – Most people in the world like keeping rabbits at home. Why? Because they assume that its easy, “Wrong”Somehow, keeping a rabbit pet at home is not that easy because you also have to prepare a healthy diet for your rabbits. Rabbits are herbivores, they eat grass or hay. When you want to feed your rabbits, you just need to supply your rabbit with a balanced diet. You can prepare some grasses and water and feed them regularly. Perhaps, you need some tips how to feed your rabbits properly.  Here are some of the best ways to feed your rabbits so that your rabbit feel healthy and fresh.Read full article by Clicking HERE

Understanding Rabbit Behaviour to Make them Happier


In this article we talk about the importance of “Understanding Rabbit Behaviour to Make them Happier”. Keeping some rabbits can be fun if you know their behaviour. You need to treat your rabbits well because these rabbits are like other pet which also like to mingle with people. Treating your rabbit is not too difficult anyway. However, you must know what your rabbits needs so that they can enjoy their life as long as you keep them. Understanding rabbit behaviour is really important. Therefore, you have to know how to treat your rabbits very well. Read full article by Clicking HERE

Keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together?


This the most common question asked by many people who have rabbits and guinea pigs as their pets. The answer to that question is NO. Keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together in the same hutch will lead into a couple of problems. There are many reasons why rabbits and guinea pigs should live with each other. Read full article by Clicking HERE

Appropriate company for rabbits


For those of you who have a rabbit you probably ask yourself do rabbits need company, the answer is yes, as an owner you have to make your rabbit happy and feel comfortable.

In the wild rabbits live in a big societies so finding appropriate company for rabbits is vital. Read full article by Clicking HERE

Choosing the rabbit breed thats right for you


When Choosing the rabbit breed thats right for you, Picking up the right bunny for your home and family is more complicated than you think. There are various factors you need to think about, like rabbit’s age, breed, size, gender, whereabouts etc… Even experienced rabbit owners make wrong decisions at critical junctures. When we speak about two or more rabbits, things get trickier. Financial investment can cost you in the long run. Emotional investment can potentially hurt you for lifetime.  You need to take care of few key points, before investing in your furry  pet.Read full article by Clicking HERE