Choosing the rabbit breed thats right for you

Choosing the rabbit breed thats right for you

When Choosing the rabbit breed thats right for you, Picking up the right bunny for your home and family is more complicated than you think. There are various factors you need to think about, like rabbit’s age, breed, size, gender, whereabouts etc… Even experienced rabbit owners make wrong decisions at critical junctures. When we speak about two or more rabbits, things get trickier. Financial investment can cost you in the long run. Emotional investment can potentially hurt you for lifetime.  You need to take care of few key points, before investing in your furry pet.

How Young?

Age of the bunny plays an important role in long term handling of your pet. When the rabbits are taken care of since they are 8 weeks old, they can be handled very easily. Rabbits under the age of 8 weeks should not be taken home. They still need the mother’s milk and don’t follow solid diet. The upper limit for the age of rabbit to be taken home is 3-4 months. This is the adolescence period in bunnies, when they develop aggressive attitude. They are often neutered to calm down their territorial aggression. A 6-8 month old rabbit can be treated as an adult rabbit.

Which breed?

Selection of breed should take into consideration, parameters like personality, space needs, fur type etc… Everything depends on your household and associated preferences. When you have young children at home, smaller breeds become automatic choice. If you are into funkiness, you might like Lops, for their long droopy ears. At times, you have to go by the personality, instead of breed. When a bunny from undesired breed sticks its head out for you, you might feel the difference.

Where from?

When Choosing the rabbit breed thats right for you please remember that Every shelter within the UK has got almost every breed you maybe interested in. Adopting a rescue should be a moral obligation for every pet owner. Unless you can’t find the bunny you are looking you, you can avoid visiting a pet shop. Rabbit pet shops of late have been ditto of puppy mill scenario. From enclosures to diet, none of the environment factors are good in most pet shops.

Popular breeds of rabbit

Dwarf Lop:

The name of the breed is a misnomer. It’s a big rabbit, which is the smaller than the larger French Lop. Its mood is cheerful all the time.


This recently created breed is popular for being teddy bear lookalike. It’s big enough to coexist with common pets like cats or even dogs.

Netherlands Dwarf:

It is one of the smallest household rabbit, popular for its cuteness. The cuteness quotient comes from short erect ears and apple round heads.


It’s very similar to the Netherlands dwarf, except for slight size difference. It can live up to 10 years and more. It’s a character bunny that demands too much handling.


This ancient breed can be any rabbit owner’s favorite for its good temperament. Handling can’t get any quieter, courtesy of its docile nature.

New Zealand:

This big white bunny can weigh up to 12 lb. It is the Great Dane in rabbit world. This breed of rabbits can be defined as gentle giants.