Hutches Suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Hutches Suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

There is a great and wide range of deluxe rabbit hutches and even rabbit runs, so your funny little rabbits can play and exercise in order to stay healthy and they will feel comfortable in their hutches. These are a couple of hutches suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs that will become your inspiration in order to keep your rabbits healthy.

Highgrove Rabbit Hutch

This model Highgrove rabbit hutch features an inexpensive price and also come with a couple of features that you usually find on a couple of models which are more expensive. These hutches are two levels which are separated by a trap door. Your rabbits will have a couple of areas to play, movement and even privacy when they need one. Your pet will get much room living in this hutch with nearly 10 square feet of area and this also perfect for your budget. Because this hutch has no floor, your rabbits can get access that is very safe to fresh soil and grass to play outside.

The most important feature of this hutch is that the lightweight structure is very strong in order to protect the rabbits and it can also be moved around a yard into a fresh and green grass to make your bunnies ever happier. These hutches also provide much visibility, so you can see how your rabbits or guinea pigs can enjoy their home which has been protected by wire mesh that is connected to the frame to get extra durability. The bottom and top parts of these clutches can be closed so a handy trap door is very important. You can get the access to the lower run place throughout a non-slip ramp.

Hideaway Hutch

The Hideaway Hutch is one of the perfect hutches suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. These hutches are the perfect addition to your rabbits as they will offer the home that protects them from rain or the sun. These hutches have been designed specifically to suit the range of runs and they are very easy and affordable to assemble. You can remove the lift able room according to your preference and also the floor. It will make life easier when cleaning this hutch. Your pet is also allowed by a lockable drop down ramp in order to access the watertight interior and also the weather proof. If you buy rabbit hutches, you will get a couple of features that will be beneficial for you. These hutches are the ideal hideaway for your guinea or rabbit. You even use these hutches for your other small pets such as cats, dogs or even your tortoise. The floor of the hutch can be removed so you can easily clean it. You can construct these hutches easily by following instructions which are easy to understand. These hutches are very light so you can move them easily anywhere you want. That is why you can put this hutch indoors or outdoors. With a perfect run, your pets are allowed to get the secure and safe place to retreat according to their needs.