keeping your rabbit cool in the summer

keeping your rabbit cool in the summer

Is keeping your rabbit cool in the summer important ?  Of course yes.  Summer is rapidly approaching and with its arrival come special problems for rabbits: heat/humidity, fleas, and fly strike.

In most countries, summer record highs, and in a few spots it is higher than 100 degrees. Unlike people and other animals, rabbits cannot pant or sweat to cool themselves off in hot weather. On the off chance that your rabbits are living outside, or inside without air-conditioning and cooling then they are at great risk.

keeping your rabbit cool in the summerThe most crucial summer risk to rabbits is heat anxiety/stroke. People can change sweats to shorts and back regularly, as temperatures manage. Your rabbit wears a fur coat year-round and the change from winter to summer coat is a steady process.

Temperatures or heat index numbers over 90 F spot your rabbit at danger for heat stress. On the off chance that humidity is high; the heat index can ascend to hazardous levels even when air temperature is 80 F or lower.

Early signs that your rabbit is experiencing summer heat include dormancy, gasping, and dehydration.

The most ideal approach to keep a rabbit cool is in your home with the air conditioning on. Regardless of the fact that you can’t keep your rabbit inside constantly, consider setting up an indoor fenced in area or putting your rabbit in your lavatory with a litter box, water and food and get your rabbit for the more warmer part of the day.

It could save your rabbit’s life. Utilize fans to cool your rabbit. Position a wavering fan with the goal that it blows in the rabbit cage. This will make a breeze to chill your rabbit off. A wire secured enclosure permits air to stream uninhibitedly from all sides.

In the event that your rabbit is outside in a box keep them in the shade and take into consideration spread without compromising the ventilation. You can also hang a wet towel over top of your rabbit cageThis is especially effective in combination with a running fan.

You can also help in the keeping your rabbit cool in the summer by Putting a small animal ice pod underneath your rabbit cage. This will cool the base of the enclosure. You can also freeze a water container and spot that inside the cage to make a cool spot for the rabbit to lie against when it is excessively hot.

Never apply ice specifically to the rabbit’s body. Doing as such may bring down your rabbit’s temperature too rapidly. Your rabbit’s hearing is important so its critical to pay consideration to their ears .

At the point of overheating your Rabbits, veins in their ears swell and reason a general redness to show up. This is an extraordinary indication of heat stroke in rabbits. An overheated rabbit might likewise have one or more of the accompanying signs:

  • If fur under the nostrils is Wet
  • Your Rabbits breathing is irregular
  • Signs of nostril flaring
  • Spread laid down out across the floor
  • inflamed foot pads and inner ears
  • Sleepy and tiredness “During times when they are usually alert”
  • Check your Rabbits Eyes if they are partly Shut, this could be a sign of overheating

Need more information on keeping your Rabbit Cool in Summer ? Below is a link to a RSPCA page which we think you might find useful

Click HERE To visit the RSPCA Site.


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