Looking After Your Rabbit

Looking After Your Rabbit

There are a couple of methods that you have to do if you are looking after your rabbit. Breeding, Handing, Entertainment, and Exercise are the important things that you have to do to make your rabbits healthy and happy.

Entertainment and Exercise

Daily exercise will encourage your rabbits in order to practice its behaviour naturally. You can apply a pipe as a burrow inside the hutch. Or you can also fill the box with paper which has been shredded that will encourage your rabbit to dig.


Nervous is sometimes that problem that will come to your rabbits, so you have to make them used to their environments and of course to you as you are looking after your rabbit. On the first couple of days, you can build the relationship with your rabbits gently by talking to them. After a couple of weeks, you can try to pick up your rabbits by using your hands. You have to pick your rabbits up properly by placing your thumbs on its shoulders. Meanwhile, the ribs should be gently wrapped by your fingers. For support, it is better for you to use your other hand on their hindquarters. Actually, it is a perfect time for you to start grooming your pets that can be usually done daily.


The Breeding process of a rabbit can be very quick when you are looking after your rabbit. From the age of 4 months, you can see the breeding process of your rabbit. The pregnancy of your rabbit will last 30 up to 32 days and the size of the litter varies from 4 up to 12 rabbits. It is important for you to consider that for the first 4 days, you must not touch the baby rabbits because they are still weak. Those baby rabbits will open their eyes after 8 up to 10 days. You can remove your baby rabbits from their mother at 5 up to 6 weeks.

How to Make Your Rabbit Happy and Healthy

Do not make your rabbit feel lonely, it is your job to create a group or pair as you are looking after your rabbit. There are a couple of ways that you can do this in order to prevent fighting and brawls such as spaying and neutering. Basically, two males that are neutered or two females that are un-neutered will get along forever. Or you can also make a pair of female that is un-neutered and a male that is neutered. It is not recommended for keep Guinea Pigs and Rabbits together because they have a couple of very different requirements.

There are many signs that you can see from a healthy rabbit as you looking after your rabbit. You can see eyes and nose which are free of discharge and a coat that is very shiny. Your rabbit will breathe regularly and quietly. If you do not have much experience about the health of your rabbit, it is better for you to check out the advice from the veterans. If you want to have a healthy rabbit, you have to follow a couple of steps. You have to pay attention to your rabbit at least you have to check twice a day. Do not change the temperature extremely. Diet is good but you have to stay consistent.


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