Understanding Rabbit Behaviour to Make them Happier

Understanding Rabbit Behaviour to Make them Happier

In this article we talk about the importance of “Understanding Rabbit Behaviour to Make them Happier”. Keeping some rabbits can be fun if you know their behaviour. You need to treat your rabbits well because these rabbits are like other pet which also like to mingle with people. Treating your rabbit is not too difficult anyway. However, you must know what your rabbits needs so that they can enjoy their life as long as you keep them. Understanding rabbit behaviour is really important. Therefore, you have to know how to treat your rabbits very well.

So, what should you do to support your rabbits’ behaviour? You have to consider several things if you want to make them freely act naturally within their environment. A place or an area is really necessary so that your rabbits can freely move, hop, and run because this is their typical character. Instead of the place, you also have to provide the food, water, friends or companion rabbits, toilet, hiding place, and toys. This is really important so that your rabbits remain healthy and  in high spirits.

Besides, you also have to realise that rabbits are social pets,they love to play, and love to jump here and there. So, safe places are kind of important thing and you have to prepare it in the beginning before you decide to keep the rabbits. After that, you also need to provide some companions such as toys. If you do provide it, you can become their companion. Or when you invite your friends to come to your house, you can ask them to play with your rabbits. By doing so, your rabbits will not feel lonely anymore.

Understanding Rabbit Behaviour to Make them Happier

Understanding rabbit behaviour can be done by proving a hiding place for them. A hiding place can be the next thing that you have to consider. Why safe hiding is so important? You have to be aware that rabbits sometime feel afraid of something like cats or dogs. So, they can run and hide in the place that you have prepared for them. This is normal because they belong to weak animals.

Can your rabbits feel stressful? Of course, they can feel it. Rabbits will feel stressful if you do not give them some exercises. These exercises are very important so that they can be healthier and fresh. However, you also have to pay attention to their food. If you do not feed them with good quality hay or grass, they may get sick and no spirit to act like usual.

Another thing that you can add to support your rabbits’ behaviour is  a sand box. Rabbits are pretty smart to find sand to urinate. However, when you do not provide a sand box, they may be confused where they can urinate and poop. If they poop and urinate in a random area, it may make the area smell bad.

The last thing that you have to consider about understanding rabbit behaviour is kindness. If you want to keep rabbits, so you also have to be kind to them. They are just like human that need love and affections. When you love your rabbits, they will be happy and active.

In summary, when you really want to keep  rabbits at home, it is better for you to learn their behaviour first. This can help you understand your rabbits’ behaviour so that you can treat them well. When they get some good treatments from you, they may be feeling comfortable and happy.