Why buy a RWAF approved Hutch

Why buy a RWAF approved Hutch

There are many reasons for Why you should buy a RWAF approved Hutch – Rabbits are not intended to live in small spaces, For example In the countryside or forests they cover a range proportional to 30 football pitches,They’re not intended to live alone either – wild rabbits live in the form of large groups to keep themselves warm because they do not feel comfortable living alone,Rabbits living alone can experience large amounts of anxiety.

Household rabbits are not generally different from their cousins as they also look forward to run and jump here and there freely,They also love to be in the company of other rabbits So they require a huge place where they can easily enjoy their lives by freely doing their natural activities.

Why buy a RWAF approved Hutch

Why buy a RWAF approved Hutch

The RWAF suggests a minimum hutch size of 6′ x 2′ x 2′, which permit rabbits  some space to move, stand on their rear legs and enough space for eating, going to the toilet and separate space to relax.

It is generally believed that a rabbit needs at least space for 3 jumps, but no one exactly knows what exact distance is required for their 3 hops,But according to standard information a rabbit of an average size usually covers 6 to 7 feet for 3 hops.

A hutch is not only for the living in of a rabbit but also provides a shelter to the rabbits which is generally attached to a protected run no less than 8′ x 6′.

There are many advantages of having a hutch for the rabbits as they do like to stay in rather large areas where they can easily run around.


It is important that people who are new to keeping rabbits remember that these proposals are all essentials – and like numerous things in life, greater is better!.

The Chartwell Hutch – “when buying our 6 ft hutch” you are within the RWAF hutch guidelines as it complies with their 6 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft minimum hutch size proposed, it is also strong and roomy.

There are many people who have purchased hutches for their rabbit, but This hutch unlike many others is not made up of common flimsy wood and will last for many years. We can offer these Hutches at extremely low costs, and sometimes we even provide free delivery in UK “Mainland” or to other destinations within the United Kingdom at very reasonable prices.

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