Large Rabbit Hutches – What Is It That Makes Having A Larger Rabbit Hutch So Much Better?

Large Rabbit Hutches – What Is It That Makes Having A Larger Rabbit Hutch So Much Better?


Rabbit hutches all over the world are providing our little furry ones with much loved homes and safe exercise space, but does size really matter? What is the advantage of large rabbit hutches over smaller ones? Apart from the obvious, there are in fact several factors that may not be obvious at first thought. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Happiness is a hutch they are entertained in!

Rabbits get bored just as we can, this is a fact of life. Think about their wild rabbit counterparts having all of the that space to explore, forage and burrow in. Now think about a rabbit being couped up in a small box type hutch all day and night. Not a pleasant thought is it? In fact, wild rabbits can cover an area the size of 30 tennis courts every day! Think about that for a minute.

By giving rabbits plenty of space to live and move around in, you are helping increase their happiness levels as well by ensuring they don’t easily get bored and frustrated. No rabbit is going to want to wander around in circles for something to do in a tiny space, so having plenty of secure, safe space outside to run around, hop and stand up in (via runs and connecting tunnels) is essential. This becomes even more important if you are keeping more than one rabbit (and you should, as they are highly social creatures!)

They feel safer!

Another good thing about having a large rabbit hutch is that it keeps any potential predators further away from your furry ones. Now, obviously it’s the construction of the hutch that determines the safety of the rabbits – but having a larger hutch to hide inside, with more little rooms and cosy corners will help rabbits ‘feel’ safer when in the hutch and overnight.

All the mod cons!

If the hutch is too small, you’re not going to be able to fit everything that a rabbit needs inside it. As well as a nice, cosy place to snuggle down to sleep, a rabbit also needs a feeding area, access to fresh drinking water, somewhere to go to the toilet AND ideallya compartment/box to forage around in and burrow etc. The more of this that you provide and the larger the spaces the better (again, especially if you are keeping multiple rabbits). In fact, modern larger hutches come with multi-level, compartmental forage areas that really appeal to theit natural instincts and help keep them super happy and healthy.

Happiness in numbers!

As mentioned before, rabbits are actually highly social creatures who love the company of other like minded rabbits (providing you pair them up correctly). Therefore it is very important to make sure that you have sufficient space for the number of rabbits you are keeping. It’s no good just adding rabbits to a hutch environment without ensuring they will have the space they need. Ideal measurments for a large rabbit hutch & run setup are 6ft x 2ft x 2ft for the hutch and an additional 8ft x 4ft x 4ft for the run.

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