Made To Measure Rabbit Hutch Covers

Made To Measure Rabbit Hutch Covers

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Made to Measure Rabbit Hutch Cover with Low Back

Made to Measure Rabbit Hutch Cover with Apex Roof

Made to Measure Rabbit Hutch Cover with Side Apex Roof



Why Cover Your Hutch?

Lots of people have rabbit hutches and due to their size (they have to be big enough for your rabbit to have enough room to move around in after all) they need to be kept outside for the majority of people.

Keeping your hutch covered is important to keep your rabbits safe and warm and protected from the elements, but it is a temptation by many to do it ‘on the cheap’ and use whatever alternative covers they can find.

The problem with using alternatives is that they are not designed for the purpose at hand – which is keeping your pet safe, warm, dry and provide a healthy living environment in the hutch.

You need to also ensure that the cover fits the hutch properly – using a purpose made cover will be made to measure and fit your hutch perfectly, stopping cold winds, rain, damp and other dangerous things to expose your pet Rabbit to.

The other advantage of a purpose built cover is the clear window. This allows natural light to enter the hutch and for your rabbit to see out. We wouldn’t like to be encased in a dark box day and night, neither does your rabbit!

The purpose built covers are also properly insulated as well, to keep your rabbit warm when its cold outside and are also designed to keep excess heat away during hot season. Using alternate covers means you do not have this control and could end up being harmful for your rabbit.

One final but hugely beneficial aspect of using a proper hutch cover – is that of prolonging the life of your hutch itself! As you know, hutches are not cheap and any exposure to damp, water and other abrasive elements of the weather can cause them to rot and have to be replaced a lot sooner. Using a proper cover helps increase the life of your hutch, meaning your rabbit can get to keep his/her lovely home much longer – saving you money in the process. It should be a no brainer really!

Thankfully its very easy to get the perfect cover for your rabbit hutch, no matter what size or shape it is – simply click on the ‘Details’ button under the type of rabbit hutch cover you want to get a quote for and then fill out the simple form on that page. You just enter your hutch dimensions, along with the type of material and optional extras and we’ll get back to you asap with your custom quote! Don’t worry if you have an odd shaped hutch or any specific cutting requirements – just email those through to us on the final step of the quote. It’s that easy!

Finally, if you do have any questions at all about your hutch cover, or about the quote process at all – simply drop us an email at: and we’ll get back to you asap to help you through the process and answer any questions you have. We’re here to help!