Our Handmade Rabbit Hutches

Our Handmade Rabbit Hutches

Do you need a new rabbit hutch for your bunny this winter?

Then simply bunny-hop along and explore our range at Rabbit Hutch World today.

In winter time, it’s important your rabbit has the right levels of comfort to survive even the coldest weather. It’s often a good idea to place your hutch inside a shed, garage or outbuilding for extra warmth.

As our name suggests, our company specialise in the world of rabbit hutches- all of which are handmade with the utmost care.

From large luxurious rabbit hutches, like our 4 Seasons Deluxe Hutch, to those with an added run underneath, we have all styles of rabbit hutches available. So, if you’re thinking of buying your child a rabbit this Christmas, Rabbit Hutch World can deliver your new hutch anywhere in the UK.

Give your rabbit the ultimate living space.

If you want your bunnies to be in paradise, why not consider ourBalmoral Raised Hutch with Under Run? Featuring a two-level living space, it’s the equivalent of a veritable mansion for your rabbit. This hutch has also been treated with animal safe preservatives to ensure longevity.

With an overall living space of 8 feet, your rabbit will have plenty of hopping space.

Our handmade rabbit hatches can be delivered in 3-5 days.

Discover more about our handmade rabbit hutches today.

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