Looking For The Best Rabbit Hutches?

Have you got a bunny that needs a hutch for their private abode? In that case, our handmade rabbit hutches will do the trick.

Rabbits are lovely animals, who can be both gentle and companionable. They often like interacting with human beings and are perfect pets for everyone, from children to adults.

Born with their eyes closed, rabbits have a lifespan of around 10 years, so live much longer than hamsters or gerbils. They have multiple litters every year that consist of around nine babies known as ‘kittens’.

Sadly, animal shelters take in more bunnies than any other animal, so if you’re thinking of adopting, you’ll be doing a wonderful thing. This is simply because there are so many rabbits (the phrase ‘breed like rabbits’ is certainly true!). Parents often buy them at Easter for their children who don’t take care of them properly. So, if you’re buying a bunny this Easter, make sure you’re truly committed to taking care of it.

At Rabbit Hutch World, we have both handmade and machine-made rabbit hutches to keep your bunny safe and warm.

Whether your rabbit lives primarily outdoors, or is a house rabbit, we have a hutch to suit you.

Our massive range of rabbit hutches are sold at extremely affordable prices.

Why not view our range of rabbit hutches today?

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