Looking for an Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Looking for an Indoor Rabbit Hutch?

Did you know, human beings started domesticating rabbits in the Middle Ages? Apparently, monks were the first to keep rabbits in cages, although sadly, it was usually as a food source.

There are many good reasons to choose rabbits as pets- for starters, they are active during the daytime, so unlike gerbils, you’ll see plenty of them. Secondly, they are gentle animals that like to be handled and are undemanding, so are perfect for young children.

They are also not noisy pets, so won’t be bothering your neighbours by barking or excessive meowing! But remember, a rabbit for Christmas is a rabbit for life.

With some rabbits living up to 15 years of age, when buying a bunny, it’s worth investing in a decent hutch.

At Rabbit Hutch World, we have both indoor and outdoor hutches to keep your rabbit living in comfort.

All our hutches are sold at extremely affordable prices, including this beautiful indoor hutch. You won’t mind having a hutch indoors with this Ferplast Wooden Cottage Indoor Hutch, which has two levels for your bunny to enjoy.

Rabbit Hutch World also sell chicken coops and runs, including hen houses.

Why not check out our indoor hutches today?