Our Quality Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches

Our Quality Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches

Guinea pigs make excellent first-time pets for children, as they can instil a sense of responsibility in them, giving them the duties of feeding, cleaning and watering a small animal. They are also lovely to handle and will rarely bite; but since they are sociable, they’re better kept in pairs.

Are you thinking of buying your child a guinea pig for Christmas?

Once you’ve bought a furry friend, no doubt your number one priority is no doubt to buy a quality hutch.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor hutch, Rabbit Hutch World have a huge range of hutches on sale, all of which are quality designs that will give your guinea pig ample room to frisk about.

At Rabbit Hutch World, we only ever use our highly skilled joiners to make our hutches, which are built to last for years.

All our indoor and outdoor hutches are sold at extremely affordable prices, including those especially designed for guinea pigs. We even currently have a sale on some of our outdoor guinea pig hutches, including this All Seasons Retreat Hutch With Open Floor Run, which provides excellent shelter for winter.

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