Outdoor Rabbit Health

Outdoor Rabbit Health

Keeping rabbits outdoors requires a bit more effort and thought to keep them healthy and happy than indoor rabbits and you need to take the proper precautions not only for your rabbits happiness but for their healthy and well-being as well.

Take a look through our how-to guide below which will take you through all of the considerations you need for your furry one to live a happy and healthy life outdoors.


1.) Does your rabbit need to live outside at all?

It’s recommended to keep rabbits indoors wherever possible. This is where their environment and living conditions can be more easily maintained and kept optimal. Plus risk of predation is lower and they should be happier as they will get to see you a lot more!

2.) Carrots

Everyone has the image of bugs bunny in their mind chewing on a carrot and whilst rabbits do love a good carrot – they should have a balanced diet the same as everyone. The majority of your rabbits diet should be hay (75%), mixed in with leafy greens, carrots and rabbit pellets.

3.) Cleanliness is important

Keeping your rabbits home clean is super important for their well-being and happiness. You should remove any soiled straw and clean up excess mess every day, whilst completely replacing the bedding materials every 1-2 months.

4.) Never the lonely

As with us humans, we tend to be happier socialising with others as opposed to be on our own 24/7. This is even more so true for rabbits who are highly sociable creatures and tend to be far happier in the company of others. If you decide to choose a companion for your little furry one, ideally they should be of similar size and age so that your existing rabbit doesn’t feels comfortable. Make sure they are neutered/spayed too – you know about rabbits right?

5.) A proper home and living conditions!

Finally, give your rabbit a properly built outdoor home. It’s all very well cobbling together something yourself but having a purpose built outdoor hutch or shed is going to be better and your rabbit will be far happier and healthier as a result.

Buying a purpose built rabbit hutch, cage or run will ensure that your rabbit stays dry and warm, even in the worst of weathers.

Sizing wise – 8 by 2.75 by 2.75 feet (2.44 by 0.84 by 0.84 m) to give your rabbit enough room to run and hop about. If your rabbit doesn’t have enough space and enough room to keep him active and entertained, then his/her happiness is going to decline. If you really want to keep your rabbit super happy and all the space he/she needs, check out our range of rabbit sheds which will ensure your rabbit has plenty of space to keep fit and healthy.

A proper rabbit home will also protect your furry one from predators. Remember, it’s not just about being secure enough to stop predators getting to your rabbit – rabbits can die just from the sheer shock of seeing a predator near them, so correct positioning of the hutch/run is also an important consideration!

As well as keeping your rabbit warm during the winter (which a proper rabbit hutch will help to do with insulation), it’s equally important to keep them as cool as possible during the hot summer weather. Try and choose a spot that is shady and always ensure your rabbit has enough drinking water every day.

If you follow these guidelines, then keeping your rabbit outdoors will help ensure your furry little one is as happy as can be and also put your mind at rest as well. So go on – give your rabbit the home he/she deserves and check out our range of rabbit hutches and rabbit runs for yourself!


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