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When it comes to housing your rabbit in a hutch, ensuring that they have plenty of space to move about is essential not only to their physical health and well-being, but for their mental health as well. No one like to be cramped up and confined, least of all animals so it’s very important to give them enough space to live in – this is where the large rabbit hutches come into their own!

Of course, where you keep your rabbit hutch greatly determines the outcome of how large it can be – hutches indoors are invariably smaller than outdoor ones, as it’s much more practical to have large rabbit hutches out in the garden where space is not so restrictive. Another advantage of outdoor hutches is that it’s more of a wider, open space – so you can connect tunnels and runs to the hutch to expand it even further. This really helps to give rabbits sufficient space to exercise and play.

The other advantage of having a larger hutch outdoors is that you’re giving more choice for your rabbit as to whether they want to be indoors or outdoors or not. In a smaller hutch, there is far less ‘outside’ space and so less choice for rabbits to be inside (i.e. in the protective, sheltered accommodation part of the hutch) or outside in the fresh air. Again, this is much better for their mental health as well as physical health.

Another major benefit of a large hutch is that there is more room to keep multiple rabbits. It is no secret that rabbits are highly sociable animals and love the company of other rabbits (compatible grouping applies of course). Rabbits get lonely just as we do, so having a large hutch ensures they can have all the companionship they need whilst still having plenty of space for them all. Having this extra space will benefit the Rabbits in that whilst some are getting sleepy and want to chill out inside for a bit, others may be wide awake and ready for a little gym session in the fresh air!

Here at Rabbit Hutch World, we believe that providing Your Bunny Rabbit with a home which exceeds the recommended RWAF measurements is a real must. It is a very simple formula for rabbit well-being and happiness – the bigger the hutch the better.

Within this category You can view Our range of high quality large rabbit hutches, including both single and Double housing options. We can also provide a bespoke “made to measure” service – this is a great option to ensure that you can get the biggest hutch possible for your available space, ensuring that it will fit perfectly and look exactly the way you want it to be!

What if you’re not sure what kind of hutch to go for? Or what features you need your hutch to have? Don’t worry – simply get in touch with us to discuss Your Rabbit Housing needs. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the perfect hutch.