RWAF Recommended sized Hutches

///RWAF Recommended sized Hutches

RWAF Recommended sized Hutches

Why buy RWAF Recommended sized Hutches ? The RWAF suggests a minimum hutch size of 6′ x 2′ x 2′, which permit rabbits  some space to move, stand on their rear legs and enough space for eating, going to the toilet and separate space to relax.

It is generally believed that a rabbit needs at least space for 3 jumps, but no one exactly knows what exact distance is required for their 3 hops,But according to standard information a rabbit of an average size usually covers 6 to 7 feet for 3 hops.

A hutch is not only for the living in of a rabbit but also provides a shelter to the rabbits which is generally attached to a protected run no less than 8′ x 6′. There are many advantages of having a hutch for the rabbits as they do like to stay in rather large areas where they can easily run around.

To find out more about the RWAF Charity Click HERE.

It is important that people who are new to keeping rabbits remember that these proposals are all essentials – and like numerous things in life, greater is better!.

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