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Easily among the leading rabbit hutches manufacturers in the UK. The Hutch Company have loyally served pets industry for 25 years now. The company has ventured into exports market and wholesale inventories in the past decade. The idea of small pets offering great companionship has inspired the company’s unique designs. You got to check out their stockiest hutches and exercise runs to understand what we mean. The Hutch Company focuses on rabbit runs and hutches for most part. However their catalog extends to designs for guinea pigs hutches, dog kennels, chicken coups and other aviaries. Featured wide range of products can be categorized pretty easily.

The Hutch Company

Manufactures wooden hutches for all rabbit sizes. The hutches and runs are spacious even for your large bunnies. Some of the hutches can be as large as 8 feet. The sizes stay in the range of 4-6 feet for standard hutches. Though the hutches can be large, nothing runs off the rails. The wooden enclosures can accommodate 1-2 occupants. It comes with bedding, safety ramp and wire panel for water bottle. There are a couple of additional facilities in each category of hutches. Specialized hutches to offer protection from water logging and snow also feature in their catalog.

Standard sizes for average sized rabbits:

The most popular variant in Hutch Company’s series would be the 5 feet Chartwell. Chartwell hutches come with single and double sizes. Chartwell runs have hinged doors at the top to allow easy access. Even the standard sizes may not suit smaller rabbits and guinea pigs. That’s the purpose, smaller Petworth hutches aims to serve. Its variants include single and double hutches with runs as an additional option.

Tall structures help fight snow…

In United Kingdom, snow and frost are the first problem pet owners would face. Cabin styled hutches with longer legs are hence introduced to counter these problems. Fort Williams and Dundee ranges have long practical legs to distance your bunny from the ground. If you are still left wanting for a deluxe range, you must check out the Balmoral. Its 8 feet living space encompass unique nesting with lift off lid. Its sturdy built accounts for the 100 pounds in weight.

Bunnies love open runs…

Open run at the bottom with hutch on top is the design you need for active pets. The Hutch Company is not going to miss out on such designs. For fact, they have improvised so brilliantly on this concept. You must checkout the Kendal range which allows good number of setups. Bateman’s adjoining runs subscribes to the concept of open runs too. They make excellent addition to Bateman single and double hutches.

Hutch hugger covers:

Hutch hugger covers are also available with the Hutch Company. You can’t appreciate it’s usefulness in times of wind and rain. Its practicality is enhanced with roll up front windows. There are hugger covers for single as well as double hutch. The covers helps save on your vet bills, your bunnies or guinea pigs may cost you.

Shipping as easy as 1-2-3… With the Hutch Company

By offering door shipping, the Hutch Company makes life easy for customers. The products reach customer’s doorsteps in 3-4 days. Once order is confirmed, a tracking number is emailed to the customer. The Hutch Company delivers to every zone in the United Kingdom.

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