Burgess Excel Birch Bark Herbage 500g


A delicious, complementary food made from Timothy hay with Birch Bark.

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Product Description

Burgess Excel Birch Bark Herbage 500g

This Burgess Excel Birch Bark Herbage 500g -Timothy Hay is an excellent source of fibre, maintaining dental health while Birch Bark is known for its antiseptic qualities.

Bark is also great way to wear down teeth so is ideal for good dental health.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • High in Beneficial Fibre (63%)
  • High in Crude Fibre (35%)
    Birch Bark is known for its antiseptic properties
  • Birch Bark is great for wearing down teeth
    A source of good quality, long fibre
  • Dust extracted to prevent respiratory problems

Burgess Excel Birch Bark Herbage 500g

Suitable for: All rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas

Important for: Maintaining good dental health, preventing boredom
Available sizes: 500g packs
Feeding guide: Feed your fibrevore a minimum of his or her body size in Herbage every day as part of The Excel Feeding Plan.


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