Devon Hen House with Double Run


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Product Description

Devon Hen House with Double Run

This Devon Hen House With double run boasts over 22 square feet of run space and over 9.5 square feet of inside housing area as well, the Devon with double run is ideal for those that wish to give their hens a large outside area for them to roam freely.

devon hen house with double run

What will really impress you from the moment you open the box is how well it has been constructed, with plenty of attention to detail not found with similar online ‘knock-offs’.

devon hen house with double run

This traditional hen house has been lovingly crafted from scented softwood and is able to comfortably house up to 5 to 6 medium sized chickens.

devon hen house

The Devon hen house with double run is also one of the easiest to clean because it comes with a large fully removable pull out tray. Simply slide it out completely from either side of the hen house and it can then be sprayed down and washed. You’ll also find that the tray is deeper than most other models online, so it is able to hold more bulky bedding material.

devon hen house

The large nesting box allows you to easily collect your eggs in a matter of minutes without disturbing your flock. A handy wooden stay that won’t rust or jam allows you to keep the nesting box lid open, freeing up your hands.

devon hen house

There are 3 cosy areas which will allow your hens the perfect place to lay, ensuring that you are rewarded with a constant and fresh supply every morning.

devon hen house

The nesting box can also be easily unbolted from the side of the house should you need to gain access for cleaning. Inside you will also see that there are 3 separate perches, properly designed and positioned high up allowing plenty of roosting room for all your chickens.

Another great feature of the new 2016 model is that it also comes with a vertically opening pop hole which allows you to fit an automatic door opener.

You can also have either the pop hole positioned as the front, or the sliding doors as the front, which ever option you find more practical or visually appealing.

devon hen house

The handy run which has been designed to fit either side of the house can be securely attached to the Devon hen house using the screws supplied or simply pushed up flush against it if you prefer a less permanent run area for your hens.

Measurements of this Devon Hen House with double Run

12 mm T&G supported by strong 35 mm x 25 mm framework.
Our wire mesh is 1.5 mm thick

Hen House Dimensions:

Total external dimensions : L 100cm x W 127.5cm (including nesting box) x H 108cm
Total external dimension (in inches) L 39.3″ x W 50.1″ x H 42.5″

Internal housing: L 82.5cm x W 80.5cm
Internal housing (in inches): L 32.4″ x W 31.4″
Total area : 7.14 square feet

Internal nesting box: L 74.5cm x W 30.5cm
Internal nesting box (in inches) :L 29.3″ x 12″
Total area : 2.44 square feet

devon hen house with double run

Double Run Dimensions:

External dimensions : L 260 cm x W 83cm x H 102cm
External dimension (in inches): L 102.3″ x W 32.6

Internal run dimensions: L 258 cm x W 80cm
Internal run dimensions (in inches): L 101.5″ x W 31.4″

Internal run area: 22 square feet

Hen House With Double Run Footprint:

Total external dimensions (max) : L 354.5 cm x W 127.5cm (incl nesting box) x H 108cm
Total external dimensions (in inches): L 139.5″ x W 50.1″ x H 42.5″
Total combined area of hen house and run: over 31 square feet.

hen house wire

Approx mesh size: 19 mm x 19 mm (approx 0.5″ square) & diameter of wire is 1.5 mm


The Devon Hen House and Double Run is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly. This set comes flat packed in four boxes :

Box 1 – 108 x 84 x 15 cm – weight: 18.5kgs.
Box 2 – 103 x 71 x 15 cm – weight: 18.5 kgs.
Box 3 – 135 x 83 x 15 cm – weight 18 kgs.
Box 4 – 135 x 83 x 15 cm – weight 18 kgs.

Instructions included. All you will need is a small screwdriver and an adjusting spanner.

* All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.

Useful Pages

RSPCA – Laying hens care guide (opens in new window) Click HERE



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