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Frequently This Double Rabbit hutch is one of our monthly top sellers. The Double is a good looking, solid hutch, designed with plenty of practical features and all at a low online price.

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Product Description

The Double Rabbit Hutch offers just over 12 square feet of space over two separate levels which are connected by a long ramp and trapdoor.

Double rabbit hutch

It is the ideal solution if you want to separate your animals from time to time or alternatively, it can be simply used as a large two-level hutch.

Double hutch with doors open

Both main doors come with heavy-duty steel mesh built into the frame for extra durability. All doors, including those on the sleeping compartments, open outwards for easy cleaning of the interior.

Large rabbit hutch with doors open

When it comes to cleaning, maintenance and caring for your pets, the Double Hutch features a liftable roof for easy access.

Double hutch with top open

The lined green felt roof (similar to all our other hutch roofs) has two metal stays so it can be held safely in place while you attend to your animals.

Lined felt hutch roof

Because this is a raised hutch, your rabbits will benefit from a warmer, more comfortable and drier enclosure. Rubber feet mean that the legs are protected from ground moisture and help prevent wood rot.

Double Rabbit Hutch interior

Heavy duty steel locks are included on all the doors of the Double Rabbit Hutch. The double rabbit hutch comes with all the same great features customers have come to expect from rabbit-hutches.co.uk.

The double rabbit hutch

Build quality is excellent, using high grade, treated wood. All in all, a versatile product built for space and comfort. A superb home for your pets and at a very fair price!

Noteworthy Features

  • Large living space – Internal dimensions of 102.5 x 55 cm give just over 6 square feet of living space on each level of the Double Hutch.
  • Easy to maintain – As with all our products, the Double Hutch has been designed so as to offer easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. This includes 4 large outward opening doors and a hinged roof that can be easily lifted and supported by a metal stay for safety.
  • The doors are lockable with secure, heavy duty locks – a feature many similar designs just don’t offer.
  • Ideal for external environments – The Double Hutch has been constructed using kiln dried wood, has an excellent smooth finish and has been pre-treated with an animal-friendly wood preservative. All this helps protect your hutch against the elements.
  • Raised floor -The raised floor on the Double Hutch offers added protection against damp from below, as well as providing a warmer environment for your animals. As a result, the Double Hutch is ideal for gardens and all natural surfaces. Rubber leg protectors have been added for further protection against water damage.

Double Rabbit Hutch Measurements

Double Hutch Measurements

Total footprint: Height 111 cm x Width 58 cm x Length 116 cm (including overhanging roof)

Total footprint (In inches) : H 43.50″ x W 22.9″ x L 45.86″

Top Internal measurements: L 102.5 cm x W 55 cm x H 45 cm (at highest point)

Top Internal (in inches): L 40.3″ x W 21.6″ x H 17.7″

Internal top area : 6.06 sq feet

Bottom Internal measurements: L 102.5 cm x W 55 cm x H 47 cm

Bottom Internal (in inches): L 40″ x W 21″ x H 18.5″

Internal bottom area : 6.06 sq feet

Total amount of space: 12.1 sq feet

Box Sizes

Box 1 of 2 : 121 cm x 69 cm x 11 cm = 19 kg
Box 2 of 2 : 112 cm x 59.5 cm x 14.5 cm = 14 kg


Included are the instructions with clear and concise diagrams. Each bag of screws or bolts is labelled and shown on the instructions so there is no confusion when you come to put the house together. Estimated construction time 20 to 40 minutes.



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