Hideaway Hutch

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Product Description

Hideaway Hutch

The perfect pet hideaway Hutch for all small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and even tortoises.

Hideaway Hutch

The rabbit hutch hideaway is the ideal addition to your rabbit run and will provide shelter from the sun or rain. It’s been specifically designed to fit with our range of folding runs and it affordable and easy to construct.

hideaway hutch

The liftable roof can be completely removed if needs areas too can the floor. This makes it very easy to clean out. A lockable drop down ramp allows your pet access to the weather proof and water tight interior.

hideaway hutch

The inexpensive hideaway hutch is well made and designed to last for many years.

hideaway hutch

Features of the Hideaway Hutch

Inexpensive and designed to last for many years.

The prefect hideaway for your pet rabbit of guinea pig.

Can even be used for small cats, dogs or your pet tortoise.

The liftable lid which can be completely removed if needs are.

The removable floor makes for very easy cleaning.

Drop down a ramp which can be securely closed.

Simple to construct with easy to understand clear and consice instructions – 10 to 15 minutes tops.

Light enough to moved around with ease.

Weather proof and water tight.

Can be used indoors or out.

Look inside and see what they are up to thanks to the liftable lid.

Perfect addition to a run – allows your pets a safe and secure place to retreat to whenever they like.

Hideaway Hutch Measurements

Height 44 cm x Width 42.5 cm x Length 50 cm
In inches: H 17.3″ x W 16.7″ x L 19.6″
Box 1: 56cm x 45cm x 16cm = 7 kg


Included are the instructions with clear and concise diagrams. Each bag of screws or bolts is labelled and shown on the instructions so there is no confusion when you come to put the house together.

Estimated construction time 10 to 20 minutes.



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