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Our Highgrove model comes with a low price tag, yet has many features you would expect to see on much more expensive models.

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Product Description

The Highgrove model comes with a low price tag, yet has many features you would expect to see on much more expensive models.

best price rabbit hutchTwo levels, separated by a trap door, give your pets plenty of scope for movement, play and even privacy when needed. With almost 10 square feet of space, you certainly get plenty of room for your money.

affordable rabbit hutchWhat’s more, since the bottom of this hutch has no floor, your pets can have safe access to fresh grass and soil when outside. Best of all, the lightweight structure is robust enough to protect against the elements, yet can be easily moved around a garden (once your animals have been removed to a safe location, of course) to a fresh patch of grass for even happier bunnies.

cheap rabbit hutchesThe Highgrove offers plenty of visibility too, so you can see just how much your rabbits or guinea pigs enjoy their new home, protected, of course, by heavy duty wire mesh that is integrated into the frame for extra durability.

Highgrove Rabbit HutchThe top and bottom sections of this hutch can be closed off should you need thanks to a handy trap door. Access to the lower run area is via a non slip ramp.

Highgrove Rabbit Hutch

As well as roof access (with locking steel stays for safety and convenience), you can access the interior of the hutch via 3 mesh frame doors and one solid wood door, which makes a cozy sleeping compartment for your animals.

The water resistant surface on the fitted first floor on this hutch also helps make cleaning a breeze. There is also a weather-proof sheet above the top wire door that can be quickly released to keep out the extremes of the elements. When the sun is out it can be quickly and easily rolled up.

Open floor cheap rabbit hutch

The Highgrove hutch is a superb low cost solution for your rabbits or guinea pigs at a fraction of the cost of similar cages.

Highgrove Hutch Measurements

Rabbit hutch Measurements

Total footprint: Height 85.5 cm x Width 44.5 cm x Length 122 cm (including overhanging roof)

Total footprint (in inches) : H 33.85″ x W 17.5″ x L 48″

Internal Housing measurements : L 109.5 cm x W 41.5cm x H 37.5 (at highest point)

Internal Housing (in inches): L 43.1″ x W 16.3″ x H 14.7″

Internal Housing area : 4.89 sq feet

Internal Run measurements : L 110 cm x W 42 cm x H 40cm

Internal Run area (in inches) : L 43.3″ x W 16.3″ x H 15.7″

Internal Run area :4.97 sq feet

Total amount of space: 9.86 sq feet

Box Sizes

Box 1 : 126 cm x 52.5 cm x 21.5 cm = 24 kgs


Included are the instructions with clear and concise diagrams. Each bag of screws or bolts is labelled and shown on the instructions so there is no confusion when you come to put the house together. Estimated construction time 20 to 40 minutes.


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