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Frequently This Windsor Rabbit hutch With Run  is one of our monthly top sellers. The Windsor is a good looking, solid hutch, designed with plenty of practical features and all at a low online price.

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Product Description

If you are looking to maximize the amount of space your pet rabbit or guinea pig will have access to and you love the clever design of the popular Windsor Hutch then look no further than the Windsor Hutch With Run.

Rabbit Hutch With Run

The large front run combined with the rest of the Windsor Hutch means that there is over 29 square feet of space spread out across two levels.

Windsor Hutch With Run

The hutch and run is fitted with strong heavy duty wire built into the frame for extra durability and there are plenty of access points too.

Rabbit Hutch Run

It has 2 fully opening doors for easy access to the living areas of the hutch, a large fully removable pull out tray which is easy to wipe down and clean and 2 opening roof panels for access to the top of the hutch.

Rabbit Run And Hutch

The Windsor run has plenty of access points too. There is a lockable front run door as well as two smaller metal side doors. The also run comes with a fully folding run roof.

Windsor Rabbit Hutch With Run

The Windsor Hutch with Run is the ideal choice if you like the clever design of the Windsor Hutch combined with a spacious area for rabbits and guinea pigs to exercise in.

Windsor Rabbit Hutch With run Measurements

Windsor Measurements

Windsor Hutch Measurements

Total footprint: Height 101.5 cm x Width 67.5 cm x Length 124 cm (including overhanging roof)
Total footprint (in inches): H 40″ x W 26.5″ x L 48″ (including overhanging roof)

Internal housing measurements : L 112.5 cm x W 64.5 cm x H 53 cm (at highest point)
Internal housing (in inches): L 44.5″x W 25.4″ x H 20.8″

Internal housing area : 7.8 sq feet

Internal run measurements : L 113 cm x W 64.5 cm x H 40 cm 
Internal housing (in inches): L 44.6″ x W 25.4″ x H 15.7″
Internal run area :7.8 sq feet

Total amount of hutch space: 15.6 sq feet

Windsor Run Measurements

Windsor Run footprint : 116 cm x 116 cm x 44 cm 
Windsor Run internal area : 116 cm x 113 cm x 43 cm
Internal area : 14.1 ft

Box Sizes

Hutch Box 1 of 2 : 120 cm x 54.5 cm x 16.5 cm = 16 kg
Hutch Box 2 of 2 : 93.5 cm x 68 cm x 11.5 cm = 16 kg
Run Box 3: 122 cm x 59 cm x 15 cm = 11.5 kg


Included are the instructions with clear and concise diagrams. Each bag of screws or bolts is labelled and shown on the instructions so there is no confusion when you come to put the house together. Estimated construction time 30 to 50 minutes.


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