Rabbiting on…..!

When I was four years old I was bought a Netherland Dwarf rabbit who I called Monkey, as he was dark brown and “apparently” to me at that time looked like a monkey….! He was kept in a hutch that was considered big at the time and we had a run we would sometimes put him in. I look back now and I feel a lot of guilt about how he was kept as I didn’t know better at the time. My last rabbit was a dwarf lop called Parsley. When his brother died he became a house rabbit and binkied his way into our living room and our hearts.  After he died two weeks before his tenth birthday when even my husband admitted he was a 10/10 bunny!

It’s now time for me to give a bit back to bunny kind.  I know I can’t have full-time house rabbits as I have a young family.  For the rabbits’ protection(!) I knew that my next rabbits will be predominantly outside rabbits so I spent a long time understanding Rabbit Welfare Association recommendations and googling sheds/spaces that would accommodate them. That’s how I came across Rabbit Hutch World. I loved the Freedom Spacious shed set up and made some enquires.  Kevin from rabbit hutch world (and Danny behind the scenes) has been phenomenally responsive. When my husband asks who I’m messaging at random times in the evening and morning….it’s usually Kevin….!!

This is a bit of a passion project for me. I never thought I would help design my own rabbit set up but with Kevin and Danny’s ideas and help it has evolved and I’m very excited about the plans! We have settled on an extended version of the Freedom shed and enclosure (6ft x 5ft shed connected to a 3.5m x 2.5m enclosure). This will be connected to a bunny tunnel to take them to a second 2.5m square run.  It’s going to be epic! Kevin has given me lots of ideas, worked to the exact space we have, and gently steered the direction when I’ve been barking up the wrong tree! It was important for me to have a big space that I can sit in with the kids and let the rabbits come to us on their terms.

I have looked at Facebook pages of baby buns and of course have been tempted but I have known in my heart I’ll only take some from rescue centers. I started looking at RSPCA buns in February time on their websites and there were so many very young rabbits that looked just like ones you would see in pet shops…and I was told that’s because just a few weeks before Christmas they were the rabbits from the pet shops….

I was open-minded about taking older buns needing retirement homes who would be more chilled out or younger ones I can hopefully mold with the family or anything in between. I went through the Rabbit Rehome website and contacted a couple of rehoming centers. Both have been so helpful and given me lots of good advice. The bigs news is I think I have found my buns! Three 5-month-old mixed breed brothers who are looking for a new home. I have some reservations about taking on 3 bucks who are not yet through adolescence but I have had brothers who bonded well in the past. I think after a bit more reassurance from the rehoming center all will get confirmed shortly and they will be fostered until the set up is in place, ETA early July! I’ll keep you posted!

The bricks in the picture show the footprint of the bunny palace!

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  1. Good luck with your build. My wife has been obsessed with a house rabbit for a while now and I have been trying to prove there are outside hutches that can provide space. I’ll point her towards your progress!

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