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Please be aware that this product is hand made. Nothing is brought in or mass produced. The makers are working on getting orders built in 6 weeks. It could be sooner and will depend on what is ordered.

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This wooden Tree toy is ideal for both bunnies or rabbits.

Colours are pet safe using food grade colouring.

Product Dimensions

  • 240 mm high
  • 180 mm x 180 mm Base

Each toy may vary depending on colours and block shapes available.

This Tree Toy is just one from a great range of handmade wooden rabbit toys which are all completely safe for rabbits, guinea pigs and are proving popular toys for chinchillas.

Any coloured wood is dyed using natural food grade colorings.

Our toys allow rabbits to perform normal behaviors, e.g. digging/chewing/chin marking/jumping. Different rabbits enjoy different toys. This is why we are growing our range to provide different rabbit toys to help prevent boredom.


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