5ft Chartwell 2-Tier Rabbit Hutch for Keeping your Pets Separate


5ft Chartwell 2-Tier Rabbit Hutch for Keeping your Pets Separate

Original price was: £274.56.Current price is: £256.99.

  • BRITSH MANUFACTURING: The only Rabbit Hutches built in the UK
  • SIZE MATTERS:  Biggest 5ft Double Rabbit Hutches on the market
  • HEAVY AND THICK: 10mm timber side panels and sleeping door
  • STRETCH OUT: Largest sleeping area with arched divider
  • MAXIMISE SPACE: Centre-wired panel for hanging Water Bottles, Hay Feeders, etc
  • EASY CLEANING: Removable door cleaning bar sweeps away waste
  • PEACE OF MIND: Ramp with side safety rails + Ramp trap door
  • PET AND NATURE SAFE: Waterbase treated (re-treat between seasons)
  • GIVE YOUR PETS MORE: Run options available – increases playing space even more
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
  • Available Quality hutch cover (Purchase whilst at the checkout)

External Measurements

  • Width: 1540mm
  • Depth: 650mm
  • Height: 1290mm
  • Step up from the ground to the first floor: 140mm

Internal Measurements

  • Hutch Foot Print: 1416mm x 557mm
  • Sleeping Area: 480mm x 557mm x 535mm


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Delivery within 3 – 5 Business days, Delays are possible during busy periods.

Price includes FREE UK Mainland delivery “Additional charges may apply for destinations such as Scotland and the Scottish Isles, and also congestion charged areas”.


What’s the difference between a 5ft Chartwell 2-Tier and a Double Hutch?

Good question! A 5ft Chartwell 2-Tier hutch has two levels where each floor is separate with its sleeping compartment and there’s no ramp connecting them. The 2 Tier hutches are perfect if you need to keep your little ones separated.

Did You Know?

When housing your pets, it is important to give them as much space as possible. The hutch is just the start. It’s a bedroom – not a house. Find out more here:

Why is a Cover Important?

Here at Rabbit Hutch World, we stock a variety of covers for our Single and Double Tier Hutches. It’s important to consider protection from the wind and rain as a hutch alone cannot keep out all weather. Our hutches are treated with an animal-safe bactericidal wood treatment, but it is important to note that this does not render them waterproof.

For more information on our covers, check out this article or view our entire range here.

You can also purchase a cover for your hutch whilst at the checkout page

Do I need to re-treat my hutch?

We use an animal-safe water-based treatment, free of any volatile organic compounds. As such, we would recommend re-treating your hutch once or twice a year between seasons to keep bacterial growth at bay.


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