Please allow up to 10-12 weeks to get your order built and shipped out to you.

Extra strong 12 mm ply flooring, Rigid 16 gauge mesh panels

Please Note

The images and video are of this hutch shed but as a 10 ft option

However, if this can be done sooner it will.PAYMENTS


Measuring a generously sized 10 ft wide x 3 ft deep x 5 ft high, this Hutch Shed provides the ideal living space for a pair of Rabbits, giving them a comfortable home environment with plenty of space to keep them happy & healthy.

This hutch can also be configured to suit your own needs & requirements too and comes with the following features:

Situated on the left hand side is a large, comfortable bedroom area that will provide the perfect sleeping space for your Rabbit to get a blissful nights sleep. Should your Rabbit seek out an extra hiding place to help them feel safe, then there is a conveniently located shelf on the right hand side.

One thing your rabbits need constant access to is fresh drinking water and this is easily provided via a water bottle that is fixed securely and safely in a holder for easy access.

Never struggle with cumbersome hutch doors again! The top level doors on this hutch all fold down so they won’t be getting in your way or wrenched out of your hand in a sudden gust of wind like with other hutches.

Easy access to the ramp via a removable cover.

The run is built to last and is highly durable, in fact the rear and left walls are made from solid wood & you can choose from either a painted or clear treatment. The right side wall is made from fixed mesh.


If purchasing the additional storage cupboard this will make the total overall width 12 foot.

If You are looking for Large Rabbit Hutches which are made to measure, we are happy to quote for this “But please ensure that Your requirements meet or better still exceed RWAF recommended guidelines.

At the front of the run are 2 mesh doors which give your rabbits a great view of the outside world whilst keeping them safe. These doors can either be opened as they are or completely removed entirely. It’s up to you!

Top ventilation
We have now included some additional ventilation in-between the hutch and the hutches roof

Worried about the weather with the mesh panels? Fear not, you have the option of having wooden panel shutters to place over them which provide total protection from any harsh weather. The roof of the hutch also has plenty of overhang to add even more weather protection.

All hutches and sheds come complete with added ventilation
Each end of the upper hutch area now includes a galvanised air vent, this helps in preventing nasty odours from building up within the hutch.

Additional Extras

The hutch shed can even come with a storage cupboard inside too, this would be located at the far left measuring a generous 2 ft wide, coming complete with 2 internal shelves.

hutch shed additional cupboard
The Cupboard is an additional extra “Ideal for storing Your Rabbits food And Bedding”

One thing we recommend is attaching a further run to this hutch (at least 6 ft x 2 ft) to give your rabbits that extra space they need to exercise and play in, keeping them fit, healthy and happy. Extra runs can be attached easily and quickly using a burrow pipe tunnels .

Please note – all items are custom built to order as per your specific requirements. We don’t accept returns if you have simply changed your mind after purchase. If you’re hutch arrives and has been damaged, don’t worry. Just take a photo of the damage and contact us straight away. We will arrange for your replacement to be sent out and the damaged one collected from you (please note we don’t carry stock items so may be a short delay whilst your replacement hutch is built).

Thank you.

Additional information


Without Storage Cupboard, With Storage Cupboard + £150.00


No Shutters, With Shutters for Hutch + £40.00, With Shutters for Run + £100.00, Shutters for Both Hutch & Run + £140.00


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