Deluxe Large Hay Bar


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Please be aware that this product is hand made. Nothing is brought in or mass produced. The makers are working on getting orders built in 8-10 weeks. It could be sooner and will depend on what is ordered.

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Deluxe Large Hay Bar

This is a Deluxe Large Hay Bar feeding system with an integrated litter tray, which can be lined with hay or your preferred bedding matter.

This is an ideal situation for rabbits as they like to eat hay whilst going to the toilet.

The lid lifts of for re-filling.

It allows you to easily monitor the amount of hay being fed, and ensure your rabbit has a constant clean supply of fresh hay.

Deluxe Large Hay Bar Approx dimensions

Overall Size

  •  640 mm Wide
  • 600 mm Deep
  • 150 mm High at the Front
  • 345 mm High at the Back

Hay Bar

  • 635 mm Wide
  • 170 mm Deep
  • 190 mm High
  • 25 mm Spacing’s between each bar


Tray (Internally)

  • 540 mm Wide
  • 350 mm Deep
  • 165 mm High


All dimensions are approximate.


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