Hay Station 3 Hole



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Please be aware that this product is hand made. Nothing is brought in or mass produced. The makers are working on getting orders built in 8-10 weeks. It could be sooner and will depend on what is ordered.



Hay Station 3 Hole

This Hay Station 3 Hole feeding box is a convenient way to keep mess down to a minimum, keeping the hay fresh and soil free.

The lids lifts of easily for re filling.

The budget hay station also provides a ideal box for mixing in herbs and other treats for your rabbit to find.

This is also great for chinchillas to hide in.

Product Dimensions

  • 450mm wide
  • 210mm deep
  • 90mm high at the front
  • 190mm high at the back
  • 100mm diameter feeding holes

All dimensions are approximate.


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