The 9 Most Common Rabbit Myths – Busted!

The 9 Most Common Rabbit Myths – Busted!

There is a lot of mis-information floating around about Rabbits, passed down through the ages via mouth and now circulating around the internet with people giving their tips and advice on keeping Rabbits in forums. We’re here to set the record straight about some of the big ones right now, so let’s dive in:

1. Rabbits are easy pets to keep, very low maintenance

Busted! Whilst it’s true that Rabbits don’t need a lot of the constant attention that dogs need (such as fuss, cuddles & daily walks), thinking they are low maintenance pets who can pretty much look after themselves is just not true at all.

Their living space needs cleaning out daily and they need to be let out (if they don’t have a hutch with secure, large run attached to it) for daily exercise for at least 1 hour a day to keep them healthy.

2. Rabbit just need some vegetables to eat and much on

Busted! Rabbits actually need to have a plentiful supply of hay to chew on whenever they are hungry along with vegetables for a balanced diet. Don’t think any old root vegetables will do either – such as carrots – as these are high in sugar and not all that good for your darling furry one. Rabbits need a daily salad of well-washed dark green leafy vegetables in their diet.

3. Rabbits don’t live very long so not a long-term commitment

Busted! A lot of people seem to think Rabbits only live for a few years so make short term commitment level pets. This is wrong – most rabbits will live7-10 years if looked after properly with some even living into their teens!

4. Rabbits are happiest when kept outdoors in a hutch

Busted! Whilst it is true that a Rabbit kept outside in the correct living conditions, protected from the weather and with enough space etc can be just as happy as one living indoors, figures tend to show the opposite is true. This is often down to Rabbits not getting enough interaction with you when outdoors as they would indoors and if the hutch is not of decent enough quality/build – then extreme weather can seriously affect their health, along with fleas, ticks, flies and other things that they are vulnerable to outdoors.

5. Rabbits are dirty & smelly creatures generally

Busted! Rabbits are actually very clan and immaculate creatures who take pride in cleanliness. They tend to go to great lengths to keep their living spaces tidy and most smells that eminate from rabbit hutches will be from owners not cleaning them out properly or regularly enough.

6. Rabbits naturally love to be picked up and cuddled

Busted! Whilst we love to pick up our pets and give them kisses and cuddles, rabbits are not very good communicators and so while you might think they are ok with your picking up and cuddling, they may very well not be. That’s not to say Rabbits can’t get used to liking being with you – they indeed can with some work. It’s often best to let them sidle up to you once they are used to you and let them initiate contact.

7. Small Rabbits don’t need a large living space

Busted! It would seem logical that the smaller the breed of rabbit (especially the smallest dwarf breeds) the less living & exercise space they will need, however this is also not true at all.

Rabbits hind legs are quite powerful for their size, making them great runners and jumpers. They need space to allow them to easily do these things with good freedom of movement. Besides that, mental health is just as important as physical health – so the larger the space to exercise & play in, the better. Just have a look at our range of large, safe & secure rabbit hutches that offer everything your pet needs and more to keep them as happy and healthy as can be!

8. Rabbits can be left to look after themselves for a day or two

Busted! Whilst leaving a rabbit on it’s own for a day or two may seem ok if you have left them enough water and food to last for that time period, it is never recommended as rabbits need daily maintenance and care.

9. Rabbits don’t need to see the vet unless something is wrong with them

Busted! One of the things that can put people off having cats and dogs is the vet bills that you need to run up when they are young (booster injections, microchipping and spaying/neutering) but it’s wrong to think that having a pet Rabbit means you can just ignore their needs and don’t take them to see a vet.

Whilst it’s true that they may not need the up-front vet assistance that other pets do, having a regular checkup can help diagnose any developing conditions or illnesses before they become dangerous and can actually save your pets life!

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