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Top 3 Rabbit Hutches for Sale UK Designs

Here are our Top 3 Rabbit Hutches for Sale UK Designs These are Rabbit hutches that you will gain maximum outcomes from for your Rabbits. These rabbit hutches for sale UK are inexpensive and easy to build. Your rabbits will be provided with a sturdy and comfortable safety house that they will happerley use to live in.

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Barrel Bolt Locks

This 7-feet double storey hutch for rabbit with barrel bolt locks is one of the largest products which are made from high-quality materials. These hutches have been approved by RWAF and are very easy to maintain. This hutch comes with two solid doors which will be connecting to the sleeping spots. These two doors are partitioned from the exercise places but it can still be accessed through an access door that is offering access between those two floors. It is perfect for safe bunnies or rabbits which have outgrown their hutch or want to be separate them. The height

of the hutch is 6 inches that will make them dry. These Rabbit hutches for sale UK have a couple of benefits which make them different from the others. The roof and the floor of the hutch are made from high-quality WBP external hard-wearing plywood which is supported by the smooth surface of veneer in case you can clean it easily. In order to offer additional security from other animals, the doors of the hutch are secured by 4 inches coated barrel bolts. The back and the sides of the hutch are constructed with thick premium Redwood T and G cladding.

7-ft x 3-ft Single Hutch

This 7 – ft x 3 – ft Single Hutch for sale are protected if you are using for the first year. These hutches will be painted in order to make sure your rabbit is protected. You will find the cladded door which is placed on the right-hand side of these hutches. These hutches are suitable for those of you who want to adopt a rabbit. This hutch is made in the United Kingdom. You can easily and simply assemble these hutches by following the instructions. These hutches have two mesh doors which open in order to offer easy and full access to the exercise place. And also you can clean it very easy. You can also find one solid door which gives access to the sleeping spot which is partitioned from the exercise spot but you can still get the access through an access door.

Top 3 Rabbit Hutches for Sale UK DesignsBalmoral Raised Hutch with Under Run

This Balmoral Raised Rabbit hutches for sale UK are a deluxe rabbit hutch which is supported with the 8-feet living area. This hutch features a two-level living area which is supported by unique sleeping box that comes with lift off lid and safety ramp in order to access a 7-feet run. In order to make sure the longevity, this hutch has been approved animal safe preservative. If you purchase these Rabbit hutches, you can also find groove and tongue cladding on them. You can also find an open floor ground level run that will be an easy access for your rabbit to the exercise area.

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Top 3 Rabbit Hutches for Sale UK Designs
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